Inspecting a crawlspace.


Paul J. Bello is the owner and sole consultant at PJB Pest Management Consulting. Having been a licensed pest management applicator since 1976, Paul Bello has a unique combination of education and experience to offer his clientele. Mr. Bello holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Entomology from the University of Georgia as well as an MBA in Accounting from Adelphi University. Mr. Bello is a former student of Dr. Austin M. Frishman, one of the industry’s foremost experts and independent consultants, in his Pest Management Technology program at the State University of New York, Farmingdale campus.

Following the footsteps of his former professor, Mr. Bello appeared in two segments of National Geographic Television show Swarms. He is widely recognized for his broad expertise in pest management and has also appeared in television news interviews, the Sunday New York Times, Newsday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and other media publications.

As an author, he was selected as a revision editor of the Mallis Handbook of Pest Control 8th edition commonly regarded as the industry’s premier reference. He has several published articles that appear in industry magazines Pest Management Professional and Pest Control Technology. His monthly column “On the Road With . . .” has appeared in several state trade association monthly magazines since 1995. In October 2011 Mr. Bello published his first book The Bed Bug Combat Manual which is a practical guide to bed bug control.

He is well-known and sought after industry speaker that has presented at many of the industry’s major conferences and seminars across the country. His areas of expertise include general pest management, ant control, bed bug control, rodent control, commercial pest management and termite control in both the commercial and residential setting. He has been called to advise on difficult pest situations at a variety of facilities and situations including zoos, theme parks, hospitals, food production plants, apartments, condominiums, distributions centers, warehouses, schools, dormitories, assisted living facilities, litigations and many others.

No matter what your pest problem or pest concerns may be, it is likely that you will find the appropriate assistance from PJB Pest Management Consulting.


Paul Bello featured in UGA Alumni article

Paul J. Bello (BSA–Entomology, ’79) recently published his second book, The Cockroach Combat Manual II, which he co-authored with former professor Dr. Austin M. Frishman. Paul works as an urban and industrial consulting entomologist and lives in Alpharetta, Ga.

Bello Writes Award Winning Feature Articles!

Two articles authored by Paul J. Bello and published in Pest Management Professional Magazine were named as 2015 Award Winners by the American Society of Business Press Editors. Published in the 2014 February issue of PMP, Bello’s cover feature article “Termite Horror Stories” was named a Gold Award winner. This article presented information about actual termite situations which occurred in five homes located in various states.

The Bug Doctor

Little makes Paul Bello more excited than a house with a really bad odor. Where lesser mortals run out in disgust with noses pinched shut, he rushes in to find the source. Mr. Bello, 38, is director of entomology and chief troubleshooter for the Arrow Exterminating Company; one of the largest companies of its kind in the New York metropolitan area. “I only get called in on the tough jobs,” he said, “when a guy has been to a place a few times and there is still a problem.”

Entomologist Paul Bello recently taught students about insects.

They’re creepy, crawly, and kids are crazy about them. That’s why students at Wilson Creek Elementary School are mesmerized when “The Bug Man,” also known as professional entomologist Paul Bello, visits the school each year to educate students about the insects we share our planet with – the good, the bad and the ugly. This year, Bello visited the school on May 21 to give students an up-close and personal look at insects such as live termites and Madagascar hissing cockroaches.