Termite Tips For Homeowners

Termites are an important concern for homeowners. This article presents practical and useful tips to get you started in the right direction regarding your termite related concerns.

Termite Horror Stories

True tales of intimidating infestations and devastating structural damage: In Most areas of the country, termite swarming is nowhere near the levels seen in the 1980s, 1990s and even early 2000s. Most pest management professionals (PMPs) report their phones aren’t ringing off the hook anymore with homeowners frantically wondering how to protect their homes and families from clouds of termite swarmers. Nowadays, PMPs must be more proactive at identifying termite problems and selling related control, exclusion, damage repair and monitoring services…

Swarms Still MIA

Not so long ago, the first few weeks of every spring, pest management professionals’ (PMPs’) telephones would ring off the hook as panicked homeowners called to report termite swarms and request related inspections/treatments. Since the mid 2000s, though, PMPs across the country have reported termite swarms have all but vanished. “We still see swarms, but they aren’t nearly as numerous or as large as they used to be,” says Jim Freund, Termite Department Manager at Arrow Exterminating Co. in Lynbrook, N.Y…

Annual Re-Inspections Key

“The industry knows termites are crypto-biotic creatures that can be difficult to detect. Annual termite re-inspections are critical to the success of our termite business,” says Jim Freund, Termite Department Manager at Arrow Exterminating Co. in Lynbrook, N.Y. “Even though more than 90 percent of our customers request bait systems, we include an annual termite re-inspection of every home — without exception…

Hot and Cold Running Termites

Sometimes termites are there but hard to find. The tell tale signs are easy enough to find during swarm season but there are those homes where termite evidence is more difficult to find than the termite professional normally encounters. As you might expect, this column is about one of those more difficult situations.

Reducing Termite Callbacks

Callbacks! Re-treats! The words strike a responsive chord with everyone involved in termite work. Termite callbacks cost the pest control industry millions of dollars every year. Often called “re-treats,” callbacks do not always involve re-treatment of termiticides. They do involve the expense of returning to a customer’s structure to try to resolve a problem that exists despite prior control efforts.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Recently, I was invited to give a talk on termite inspections and retreat problems. Since I had done a few inspections in the past and there has been so much written about these topics before, I thought a little reading and “brush-up” would be all I needed to plan my presentation. However, an incident occurred that changed my mind.

Light at the End of the Mud Tunnel

While bed bugs are reaping most of the media ink, termites are content to quietly work around the clock, often beneath the surface — wreaking havoc to the tune of more than $5 billion per year in structural damage in the United States  alone. According to Pest Management Professional (PMP) magazine’s 2012 Termite Survey, the percent of new termite jobs triggered in part by visible swarms has dropped from 90 percent in 2005 to less than 10 percent…

What We Said Termite Control

Those who attended the two hour Termite Horror Stories two hour WDO sessions may recall that during my session a questionnaire was distributed to the audience and completed questionnaires were collected when completed. The purpose of this column is to share the responses collected from those who completed the questionnaire. Twenty questions were asked and 102 completed questionnaires were collected from 73 certified operators and 29 registered technicians. Their responses are presented below…

Bello Certified WDI Instructor

The Virginia Pest Management Association named Paul Bello as the incoming Certified Wood Destroying Insect Inspector Program instructor after the retirement of former instructor, Dr. George Rambo. “We’re grateful for the many years of service Dr. Rambo provided in this role,, said VPMA Executive Director Andrea Coron. Bello assumed the responsibilities of the role on Jan. 1, 2015.  He was recommended to the VPMA search committee by Charlie Church of Getem Termite & Pest Control in Norfolk, VA. “I know that Paul will do a great job for us and was happy to recommend him,” Church said.