No More Rodents

Traditionally, the fall season has brought with it an increase in rodent activity and another opportunity for technicians to service their customer’ needs. Controlling rodents, particularly Norway rats, can be both interesting and challenging. Each job can be a little bit different and some can be very difficult. Rodents can go to extreme measures to avoid, foil or otherwise circumvent a technician’s management efforts, and technicians needs to be prepared to deal with the tough infestations, as well as the easy ones.

Rodent Control in High-Security Facilities

Several months ago, I received a call regarding an ongoing rodent problem at a military facility. There has been a history of rodent intrusion, including mice and Norway rats. The current problem was with mice. The call came at about 4:30 p.m. on a Friday. On Monday morning I attended a pre-meeting with the prime contract manager, the assistant contract manager, four representatives of the pest management service provider, and another pest management contractor who serviced another portion of the contract. During the pre-meeting the account history and current situation were discussed so everyone was familiar with the situation prior to the meeting with the customer.

Rodent Control Tips

As mice and rats seek shelter it’s not unusual for rodent problems to become common in the colder months. It’s well known amongst pest professionals that rodent calls increase during the fall and winter months. The most common rodent species encountered in homes include the house mouse (Mus musculus), the Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus) and the roof rat (Rattus rattus). Practical tips are presented in this article to help you deal with your rodent related questions and concerns.