Pest Problem Resolution

From time to time pest professionals may be faced with a lingering and difficult pest problem at an account location where additional assistance is needed. With over thirty years of practical based industry experience, pest professionals can rely on PJB Pest Management Consulting to provide assistance to successfully resolve such pest problems with confidence. With experience as a licensed pest professional who started as a pest management service technician, Paul Bello, can provide viable solutions to your difficult account situations for many pest problems including but not limited to ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents and termites.

✔️     Onsite inspections and observations to analyze existing situations at commercial and residential locations

✔️     Improvement of current service protocols

✔️     Providing viable and cost effective solutions for your pest problems

✔️     High tech inspection capability including infrared videography, digital imaging and photography

✔️     Specializing in general pest, ant, bed bug, termite and rodent situations