Cockroaches are problematic pests which may be viewed as a community problem.  They are particularly problematic in multi-family locations such as apartments, condominiums, dormitories and other such facilities where people reside in close quarters. This is so because these pests may travel from room to room, apartment to apartment and floor to floor. Depending upon the species cockroaches may be carried along with food and other materials or may come in from outdoors.  There are a number of pest cockroaches but most commonly encountered problematic species are the German cockroach and the American cockroach.

There are a number of things that an individual resident can do to help and enhance the results and success of a pest management program effort.  This brochure is intended to provide viable information and practical tips on what each resident can do to assist in the cockroach remediation and prevention effort such that these pests are not a problem in your home. Read to learn what YOU can do to help!

Educate Yourself About Cockroaches:
One of the most significant problems encountered when dealing with pests such as cockroaches is the lack of awareness, misinformation and misconceptions regarding these pests. Lack of suitable information may serve to undermine the efforts and overall success of the cockroach management program for various reasons. As such, it is best that concerned residents arm themselves with accurate information about cockroaches such that they will be best able to assist in the prevention and remediation effort.  Reading and sharing the information in this pamphlet with family, friends and neighbors will help in this regard.

Increase Community Wide Awareness:
Lack of awareness and knowledge regarding cockroaches is a significant problem which serves cockroaches well. While it’s understandable that most people wish to avoid discussing pest related problems doing so may result in not reporting and keeping a roach problem a secret. An unreported cockroach population will then be allowed to grow to significant proportions. Simply stated, the less that people know about cockroaches, the better for the cockroaches and the more difficult it will be to eliminate them.

Telltale Signs of Cockroaches:
The telltale signs of cockroaches include fecal stains, shed skins, egg cases, carcasses and live cockroaches themselves.

Importance of Sanitation:
Cockroaches are tiny animals. They require food, water and shelter to survive. By observing suitable sanitation efforts we’re able to reduce and eliminate available food resources which might otherwise be available for these pests to feed upon and thrive in our homes. Note that even the smallest crumbs or morsel of food is enough to feed a number of roaches. This is why it’s important to keep a clean and tidy kitchen where no leftover food is present for roaches to feed on. The presence of water also allows roaches to survive in our homes. In fact, roaches can survive longer with just water than they can without food alone. This is why it’s important to not leave standing water in your sink or allow a leaking faucet to go unrepaired.

Self Inspection:
Conduct periodic inspections of your own home for the telltale signs of cockroaches. Be sure to use a good flashlight and look in areas where cockroaches hide including but not limited to: kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, cabinet door hinges, inside cabinet drawers and drawer glide hardware, refrigerator door hinges and gasket seals, pantry shelving, pantry door hinges and other such places where roaches may harbor and deposit fecal matter.

Immediately report any suspect cockroach activity to your property management team so that they can take the appropriate actions in a timely fashion. We all need to understand that cockroaches are an equal opportunity infester and that anyone may be subject to cockroach infestation. Increased awareness and a well-coordinated community wide effort is the best way to eliminate and prevent cockroach problems.

Female German cockroach with egg capsule and fecal matter

Female German cockroach with egg capsule and fecal matter

Applying insecticide bait to control cockroaches.

Using a Hepa type vacuum to remove cockroaches.

Immature American cockroach.

German cockroaches on sticky trap.

American Cockroach.