Bed bugs on box spring framing. Note shed skins, fecal stains and that bed bugs are found on and between frame members.

Various life stages of bed bugs. These bed bugs are on card stock paper. Note difference in sizes from tiny first instar nymphs to adults.

Bed bugs on mattress tape edge. Note that many bed bugs and eggs may hide beneath the edge of the tape edge cover fabric even though this is a small space. Also note presence and appearance of fecal deposits.

Bed bug eggs are very small and white in color.

Bed bugs in screw hole. Note that bed bugs of various life stages and eggs are present and hiding within the screw hole of this bed frame cross member. Here we see an adult, nymphs, eggs and fecal stains on wood frame. There are also bed bugs hiding within the screw slots.

These are blood and fecal stains on an elderly person’s bed sheet in Somewhere, USA. Each of these represents merciless bed bugs feeding on this person which was totally avoidable had proper care been implemented. If you have an elderly Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Friend or whomever, all it takes to prevent such situations is for someone to at least pay attention. Show up, visit, look around and ask questions. No One Deserves To Have To Live Like This!

Bed bug bites on a person’s back.

Bed Bug Bites on Child’s Arm

Bed bug bites as they appear on this person’s ankles and lower legs.

Bed bug bites. Individuals react differently to bed bug bites and bite appearance may vary from person to person.