Clothes and bedbugs

Clothes and bedbugs  



(1) On your videos, bedbugs did not shy away from light. If I spread out my clothes in the sun in the backyard, will the bedbugs stay or leave?
(2) If the clothes is hung on a clothes hanger, will the bedbugs stay or leave?
(3) Visually checking for bedbugs on clothes and luggage – since eggs hatch in 6 to 10 days and
adult bed bugs will live for about 2 to 4 months, should I repeat the inspection everyday for at least 6-10 days?

1 Answer

The bed bugs in my videos are not moving away from the light because, generally speaking, they have no choice since we need to assure that our videos are well lighted and in good focus. Other than that, in my experience and observation, bed bugs prefer to remain hidden until such time that they quest or search for food source. Their usual harborage areas are hidden, undisturbed locations where they prefer to hide until they emerge to seek a host and feed.

Simply hanging clothing on a clothes hanger is not a 100% effective bed bug remediation methodology. And, depending upon other factors, the bed bugs may choose to leave the garment or leave.

To inspect your luggage, clothing and other items:
* Be sure to work in a well lighted area.
* Be thorough and look carefully.
* Use a magnifying glass if need be for your vision.

Please advise if any additional questions or concerns, good luck !




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